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DS Domination Compensation Plan

DS Domination Compensation Plan

Feb 4, 2014

DS Domination Compensation Plan Explained


ds domination compensation planThis post will explain the DS Domination Compensation Plan and how the tiered structure works in the video below.

Now just because you are interested in building your own eBay Drop Shipping Business with DS Domination, this does not mean that you have to recruit OR build a team.

Although, there are some very good incentives if you do!

With the DS Domination compensation plan you can earn on 10 levels.

Levels 6 to 10 are only 1% but when your downline starts to build and go viral them 100′s of 1% will really add up on top of all the other commissions you earn from levels 1 – 5.

Even if you only bring in 2 people then that will cover your own DS Domination monthly costs and when THEY start bringing in people and THEY bring in people you will really start to see your  results and residual income grow.

Residual Income is like a passive income that continues to grow and money you can rely on every month providing your team members stay part of the DS Domination Program and Compensation Plan.


ds domination compensation plan

Watch the Following Video for MORE of the DS Domination Compensation Plan




DS Domination Bonuses if you Join with Ezy Drop Shipping.com


unit of prosperityI am the sole owner of www.ezydropshipping.com and I come from a Marketing background online, and have been studying affiliate marketing for around 4 years. Myself AKA Ezy Drop Shipping is under the lead of the Unit of Prosperity Team which is the top and fastest growing team within DS Domination.

The Bonuses you will receive when signing up to use the DS Domination Program through this website are all explained in the article “Why Join the Unit of Prosperity Team in DS Domination” and are VERY attractive utilizing the BEST and MOST ADVANCED Team Marketing System within the whole of DS Domination.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started today at the PRO level for only $20, and start building capitalizing on the DS Domination Compensation Plan!




ds domination compensation plan

ds domination compensation plan


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