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Why Join the Unit of Prosperity Team in DS Domination?

Why Join the Unit of Prosperity Team in DS Domination?

Feb 3, 2014

3 Top Reasons you should join the Unit of Prosperity Team

First of all welcome to my website and you are more than likely seeking information on why you should join the Unit of Prosperity Team in D S Domination. I will do my best to give you my top 3 reasons why this is not only the BEST team but also the fasting growing too!

Overview of DS Domination 

DS Domination is an Affiliate Marketing Company that offers a lucrative home based business opportunity for its members through a well constructed drop shipping program and extensive training course. DS Domination has a tiered compensation plan similar to that of a Network Marketing Company.


unit of prosperity team


What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is where a seller purchases an item at a low cost online then re-sells that same product to a customer at a higher price. The product is shipped directly to the customer from the wholesaler to the customer. The seller keeps the profit from the sale between the two sites.

The beauty about drop shipping is we start off using Amazon but are not limited!! There are loads of other drop shipping suppliers we can make buying arrangements with right up to selling very high ticket items with huge profits, ALL without physically having to handle and package the inventory.


unit of prosperity team


The Unit of Prosperity Team is under the lead of Internet Marketing Coach Reginald Stinson.

#1 Unit of Prosperity Team is the #1Team in DS Domination

Joining one of the fastest growing teams within the Company is a big enough reason in itself. Being the number #1 team in DS Domination or in any company speaks volumes in itself. The leadership within the team is only as good as its leader and Reginald is building a solid culture within the team.

Currently, our team leader Reginald Stinson is Dominating in DS Domination sponsoring over 500 people in three short months.  Reginald’s goal is to go all the way with this opportunity and take his team to the very top!



#2 Unit of Prosperity Team  is a Great Community

Unit of Prosperity Team consists of several Internet Marketers from different backgrounds and many that have marketed several other great programs. Some members on the team have been in the industry for years, while others are brand new.  Either way, we are a community who support each other and are happy when others succeed. Our Facebook group is a positive environment where we congregate to share success stories, get team updates, and additional training tools and helpful advice.


unit of prosperity team


#3 BONUS Marketing System Included

As a BONUS and HUGE incentive for joining the Unit of Prosperity Team, each new team member will get access to a state of the art professional Step by Step Marketing System at no additional cost set up on a membership site.

This Marketing System is separate from the DS Domination main affiliate website and is hosted especially for our team. Here you are able to utilize amazing built-in capture pages and manage leads accordingly saving you extra money and time over making your own.

There is a built in autoresponder that you can use to communicate with your team and/or prospects yet saving you money again.  Training videos are available to teach you how to market on Facebook, Craigslist, Youtube, and other social sites including your own campaign tracking. You will have access to personal development and mindset training from Top Industry leaders like Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre, and other gurus in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: Only part picture of entire site, many more options not listed


unit of prosperity team


The team also hosts regular team google hangouts for additional training.

At this time no other team leader in the company is providing their team members with anything like this. Let alone at no additional cost to you. It’s all courtesy of Reginald Stinson.


That’s because he honestly wants his team to succeed.  Therefore, he is doing whatever he can in his power to help his team create MASSIVE success using DS Domination.

You will get this BONUS when you join DS Domination at the Pro level for $19.95/month


unit of prosperity team


I am so excited to be a part of this great company and having an amazing leader to go with it. Making money online could not get any easier!.

I could not imagine being a part of a better team than Unit of Prosperity team in DS Domination.

So, if you are ready to get started with our team and this amazing, high profit home based business, click the banner below and make this Business YOURS today!


unit of prosperity team


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