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What is DS Domination and Who’s Behind it?

What is DS Domination and Who’s Behind it?

Feb 3, 2014

Who is Behind DS Domination?


ds dominationDS Domination is a the brain child of Roger Langille, who has been a master copywriter for the last 10 years.  Not only that, he is one of the top rated sellers on eBay, where he consistently made over 7 figures a year. Roger Langille combined his skill, knowledge and experience to create DS Domination..

And if you didn’t already knew, “DS” stands for Dropship.

In other words, it’s effectiveness is guaranteed that a 10 year old can do it.

Providing you are committed to providing ‘excellent’ Customer Service to your eBay Buyers, your profits and income with be limitless!



What is DS Domination?

 ds domination

So, if you’ve come across this page it’s most probably because you have heard all the hype online about this Company and wandering exactly what is DS Domination?

Well, DS Domination is the first and ONLY platform of it’s kind that allows the average person to leverage an income off Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to name a few.

This system is as easy as a push of a button, leveraging the DS Domination Platform a user can literally start making money within minutes simply by copying and pasting product information from one Company to another. This is a great platform as an introduction and stepping stone to your own specific ecommerce business or just use ‘stand alone’ to create thousand of dollars.

The beauty about leveraging the DS Domination Platform is the income just doesn’t stop there! DS Domination also has it’s own built in Affiliate Program in place that rewards it’s users for simply sharing this unique platform with others.

As an Affiliate, by sharing DS Domination with just two people just access becomes absolutely FREE! Now that’s as easy as a simple Facebook message, Tweet or an email.

But, it doesn’t stop there! You have the ability to earn additional commissions on up to 10 tiers which means you benefit from the insane viral growth of DS Domination and in turn build a massive residual income with virtually no effort and on pure autopilot.

And, it get’s even better than that. All Affiliates get additional BONUS rewards and prizes every month just for hitting different sales and team volume goals.

You could win anything from ipads, plasma TV’s, home gym equipment, ATV’s and yes even your own 100% paid for cars!


ds domination

ds domination

Remember this is ALL in addition to the income you generate from the DS Domination Platform itself.

Not bad for just copy pasting some text now is it?


DS Domination is a Community


DS Domination sure knows how to take care of their own. From over-the-shoulder videos to hand-held help with setting up your radically profitable automated income streams they have you covered every step of the way! You won’t believe the insane amount of value put into the training with additional regular webinars included.


DS Domination Platform is Automated


Just learn and follow the directions to copy-paste info — everything else from the traffic to sales to delivery is 100% automated! Nothing comes to the ease of DS Domination!


DS Domination Provides you with a TRUE Work from Home Business


With the DS Domination Platform, to are taught to deal with REAL retailers and customers to generate REAL sales with REAL products. As opposed to MANY different programs out there, you don’t need to worry about traffic generation, making sales or recruiting anyone – just go all in and follow the directions – that’s ALL you need!


DS Domination Teaches you to generate REAL 100% Commissions from Profit on eBay


YES you keep every penny of the profit – no sharing, no commissions, no pass ups – what you make is all for you! BUT you get bonus commissions on TOP of that – yep…that’s BEYOND 100% Commissions!


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and JOIN DS Domination and starting generating profits TODAY!

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